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Jacky Orler

Holz, ein Material, warm und mit Eigenleben. Fasziniert von der Vielfalt der Farben und Formen, die das Holz hervorbringt, war bei mir von klein auf der Wunsch da, eines Tages mit diesem Werkstoff zu arbeiten. Seit Abschluss der Schule für Holzbildhauerei Brienz im Sommer 2002 arbeite ich als selbständige Holzbildhauerin.
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Ich bin ein Vollzeit-Bildhauer - Konzeption und Erstellung Skulpturen und Installationen sind meine Leidenschaft.
Stein ist mein Lieblingsmedium, alle aus Stein; aber ich bin auch von anderen Medien wie Metall, Ton und alle anderen haltbaren Materialien fasziniert. Ich genieße vor allem den Prozess der Schöpfung ohne vorgefassten Meinung, es ist wie in das Unbekannte treten.
"Es gibt unbekannte Kräfte in der Natur, wenn wir uns selbst geben ganz zu ihr, ohne Vorbehalt, sie verleiht ihnen zu uns, sie zeigt uns, diese Formen, die unsere beobachten Augen nicht sehen, was unsere Intelligenz verstehen oder vermuten, dass es nicht." Auguste Rodin
Wenn ich auf die Konzeptkunst der Arbeit arbeiten oder eine Kommission ist mein Ziel, eine Skulptur oder Installation zu schaffen, die das Thema ergreift, Ort, Fühlen und seine Verbindungen.
Meine Grafik ist Kopf des Betrachters Gedanken zur Interpretation geben und die Möglichkeit, mit der Arbeit als auch als Inspiration zu interagieren, in ihre eigene Kreativität zu erschliessen.
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Materials  Sculpture and carries with it the characteristics of different cultural areas that are sheltered. The flame of creation has spawned a multitude of flavors, from simple flower essences and herbs, I was able to rise same creator, even orgies of heaven and earth to Maelstrom the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

 Every day I spends working in my little village, shapes and reflections colorful nature, blades of grass, flowers and leaves, are a source of inspiration for me. Fragments of materials,reassembled them in a proper arrangement inherent in the work itself, this is close to nature, just as the place
 I was born and where I grew up, the stones, that of the surrounding greenery, and the rays of light that pierce the Stone holes created by these associations of different ideas, the scents of nature expressed through every grain of material. I am silent and alone, in the din of a machine, sweat and materials dust, is an inspiration that pushes me to emerge the beauty of  artwork and a materials I am convinced that the smell of material around and beauty of the material blocks of the   would be the best inspiration to complete my work.
 Tran Hoang Co   sculptor from vietnam
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Cristobal Delgado
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I am skilled Skulptor and Painter and i like to work with different materials. 
My main Sculptureprojekts are metal, wood and stone.
During my employment at the austrian artist Erwin Wurm i realized monumental sculptures and usable objects. 

2009 I won the 1 Prize at the Stone Festival in Salzbourg. 
2011 and 2012 I was artist in residence in Japan and China.
2013 I was the only female participant to the Duck Creek and US-Open Chainsaw competition in USA. 
2014 I was invited for the Woodcarving Symposias HolzartXVIII (Kronach) 
and the international Symposium Miltitz/ Krabatstein in Germany. 
2015  I was invited for Symposias in Switzerland, Danmark and Austria
August 2016 i will take part at the stonesculpture symposium in Sprimont/France
September 2016 i will take part another sculpture symposium in Unterbäch/Switzerland
When i go to artist in residence my approach is very experimental and process-oriented and 
I try to find my own view. I like the limited amount of time and the improvised studio.
I first grasp the peculiarity of the material and my environment.
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Name: Gadadhar Ojha
geb in: 1966 in Puri (Indien)
Wohnort: lebt seit 2000 in Brou sur Chantereine, Frankreich

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Quang Nguyen
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Nguyen Duy Nhut Vietnam
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Title: Flying Rigthts for Women
Before flying into the
fury of torrents
The Right was married
to the gold of the sun,
Dreaming of an open world,
The Democracy won’t want to wake up
Before touching the voices of the Ladies.
Adding a word, a white paper, a Yes or a No
New Movements were already
Singing the Symphony of opinions
by the Women, This Time;
To flow for watering by the mountains
and reach the goal
Extending their “Echo” until more and more countries.

The project will be abstract
( a flying sheet going into the box (base),
with messages writing on it
by Local Thinking Women about their Rights,
and some grafics items about
vote and democracy on the box(base).

Text About Vincent Beaufils-H
Most of the works from Vincent Beaufils-Hourdigas are in stone, sculpting the pieces up and back until the moment, when he decided to fix the time into a form, looking for a relation between solids and blanks into the material. He leave the space to filling itself, touching by an eye, feeling the sense of the material.
From different European countries, where the artist use to sculpt ; Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium are the bases of technics and structural inspiration in his backpacker’s life.
To find the Deep into the mass, Vincent B-H  experiments the dynamics with an own language of volume, in the resonance of the soul’s material, catching the essence of his work between lines of an abstract’s “Kurve” and a composition’s plan from minimal architecture, always listening the instinct which conjugate the finality of his Frame’s stone.
In 2011, he’s got one of the sculpture’s price from the Fine Art Academy of Paris.
He works as well in bronze, when the original material aims to be a new font of regeneration in the process of work.
To keep a trace, and join a new kind of soul into chromatics research on the hot process required.
Way of life, time to another, not just for disturbing any else, after the stone he recycles the ready-care from re-creative process’s, bain-Marie of installation in introspection, giving back to the result some reflexing about an hiding reality between contents and containers, bringing up to a natural element which the sense of existing was falling down in profusion, neighbor to the human basification, or far away in the human restriction : retract on the way, leaving intervention  for un-functional attributions, and conceptual resolution.
“Pixelisation” in the present, one of himself is writing a dogma about the « not at all » in a medium not so unknown, for un-sculpt process and sociologic end.Up to that, Vincent Beaufils-Hourdigas decided to improve process’ sculpture in Europe, where clandestine interventions are getting form ; in “Sieme a lo Suo”.

Anonym Autor, extract from la lettera mancante o las aguas negras,
Original about Vincent Beaufils-H
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Yang Liu

Liu Yang was born in north of China,  he completed with a bachelor's degree in food science and economic management at university.

    He engaged in sports news reports in newspapers as a supervisor, then the most famous talk show in China national television office director. But sculpture has always been his favorite, in the recent five years, he has successively took part in more than 42 symposiums, in more than 21 countries, and more than ten of the sculptures are more than 5 meters high, he is the most active and the most influential Chinese sculptor in the world.
    A series of his works show the soft rope change hard stone, this is an ancient eastern thought. Another series of works show the relationship between the colorful characters and the geometric form, emphasis on public art simple communication.
As an international sculptor, his achievements in the field of international art and as a TV host, as well as in the clothing design, outdoor sports, documentary, best-selling writing aspects, let him in his country by the media and public attention for a long time, he is a kind of fashionable personage.

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